Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New book by Anne Weber

Anne Weber has written a new book "Auguste" (French) / "August" (German). The French version has already been published in January, the German version is announced for March.

You can find a discussion of the French version by Laure Depretto on fabula.org [Link removed, no longer active]
Information about the German version can be found on the homepage of her publisher Fischer Verlag.

Lectures by Anne Weber in France and Austria

The German-French self-translator Anne Weber will present her book „Tous mes voeux“/ „Luft und Liebe“at several occasions in France next month:

  • Tuesday 8 february 2011, 6:30pm Goethe-Institut Nancy, 39 rue de Ravinelle (free entry)
  • Monday, 7 february 2011, 6:30pm Librairie Géronimo, 2 rue Ambroise Thomas, Metz (free entry)
  • Wednesday, 9 february 2011, 6:30pm Médiathèque Jean Falala, 2 rue des Fuseliers, Reims free entry)
  • For more information, please click here.
and in Vienna, Austria:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Literary self-translation, exile and dialogism: the multilingual works of Vassilis Alexakis

Eleftheria Tassiopoulos has now published an article on Alexakis based on her lecture presented at the conference “New Research in Translation and Interpreting Studies” held in Tarragona in 2009.
Her article Literary self-translation, exile and dialogism: the multilingual works of Vassilis Alexakis is available online.
Referring to Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of dialogism, she discusses two of his works Talgo (fiction) and Les Mots étrangers (autofiction).

How a Poet Translates His Own Poetry

Yihai Chen writes his poems in English and Chinese. In How a Poet Translates His Own Poetry (you have to scroll down for the English version) he tells about his experience of editing a bilingual edition of his poems and therefore translating a selection of his poems in both directions. As a self-translator he feels privileged because he "knows the author and the text much better than anyone else". Although he rises some important questions: "Which is more faithful, the poet’s own translation or a professional translator’s? Does a poet translator encounter the same problems of cultural transfer as other translators do? Is his or her strategy in solving such problems different from that of other translators?", he unfortunately does not answer them.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Interview with Vassilis Alexakis

Yesterday Vassilis Alexakis talked about his new book "Le premier mot" at France Inter Cosmopolitaine. If you missed it, you will soon have the possibility to listen to the whole broadcasting on the website from France Inter-Cosmopolitaine. Meanwhile you could listen to an interview about his new new book, which he gave to RFI in september last year.

Nancy Huston: Goldberg Variations adapted

At Paris you can see an adaptation of the French version of The Goldberg Variations from 6th January till 6th March at La Folie Théâtre.