Monday, November 7, 2011

Self-translation in the Caribbean

For those of you, who are working on self-translation in the Caribbean, the call for papers "Translating the Caribbean" by Small Axe might be interesting:

"We invite contributors working in any of the languages of the Caribbean to participate in a generative conversation surrounding translation and the real and imagined multiculturalism of the Americas in papers that might address (among other topics):
  • language(s) in/and/of exile – class, travel, and writing from the Caribbean
  • francophonie in/and Haiti
  • multilinguality, scholarship, and pedagogy in Caribbean Studies
  • the viability and legitimacy of a designated lingua franca in the Caribbean
  • the relevance of translation to issues of (il)literacy
  • the place of Creole(s) in scholarship of the Caribbean
  • translation and the literary history of the Caribbean
  • translation in Caribbean cultural theory
  • translation and the history of Caribbean journals
  • the limitations of translation: what is untranslatable in the transcolonial Caribbean?
Abstracts of 250-300 words and short bios should be sent to by 15 December 2011. Accepted abstracts will be confirmed by 15 January 2012. Final papers of no more than 6000 words must be submitted 31 May 2012." (source: