Saturday, July 30, 2011

Program conference Perpignan

The preliminary programm of the conference on self-translation in Perpignan has now been published. The program looks very promising and includes speakers like Julio-César Santoyo, Rainier Grutman, Helena Tanqueiro and Christian Lagarde. Topics include self-translators like Nancy Huston, Eileen Chang, Samuel Beckett, Panait Istrati, Anne Weber and many more. On Friday Francesc Parcerisas will chair a discussion round table with the self-translators Carme Riera and Antoni Marí.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Conference "Briding Cultures"

At the XIX Congress of the International Federation of Translators"Bridging Cultures", taking place from 1.-4. August 2011 in San Francisco, will be at least one presentation on self-translation:

Victoria Lipina: Vladimir Nabokov's Self-Translation: A Drama of Reunion
(Wednesday, 4:00pm-4:30pm; Advanced; Presented in: English)

The presentation will focus on the challenges of dealing with the translation-creation activity of Vladimir Nabokov. When examining the Russian and English versions of Nabokov's Lolita, and the nature of discordancy between the texts, the presenter finds that the Russian version of the novel is not a fairly close translation. In comparison to Nabokov's Mashen'ka and Priglashenie na kazn, Lolita is an independent text.

To see the full programm, please click here.

Conference: Literature & Translation, Australia

Self-translation will be the topic of a panel at the conference "Literature and Translation" which will take place from 11 to 12 July 2011 in Melbourne, Australia:

The panel (chair: Marc Orlando) consists of the following contributions:

‘Tawada Yoko does not exist’: Yoko Tawada’s translations

Translation of poetry from English to Indonesian: the case study of ‘Leaving Beirut’ / ‘Meninggalkan Beirut

The twenty-year masterclass: Paul Celan’s correspondence with Gisèle Celan-Lestrange

Click here to see the full program.

CFP: Nancy Huston

Nancy Huston: the Multiple Self
Institut du Monde Anglophone, Université Sorbonne nouvelle - Paris 3, France - 8-9 June 2012
Deadline for proposals: 15 October 2011

The following topics have been suggested:

1. Self-translation
- The process of self-translation and the relationship to the mother tongue
- The status of self-translation
- The question of fidelity and infidelity in translation; fidelity to whom, to what?
- Bilingual "brothers" : Samuel Beckett, Romain Gary
2. Feminism, the body and maternity
3. The question of individual or collective identity and that of multiple identities
4. The language of exile
- The relation to that which is foreign
- The dialectics of sameness and otherness at the heart of translation
- Self-translation as writing between two languages: a position at the edge
5. The role of the writer, of literature and of translation

Click here to find the call for papers.