Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Self-translation is never innocent..."

I just came across a very interesting blog entry by Ken MacLeod about a panel discussion on the Gaelic-English self-translator Sorley MacLean at the Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011.
The main topic according to these notes was the "'doube-edged sword' of translation and the parlous situation of the Gaelic language". Please read his blog entry to learn more about it.

For further information on Gaelic-English self-translation I highly recommend to read the works by Corinna Krause:

  • Krause, Corinna (2005): Finding the Poem – Modern Gaelic Verse and the Contact Zone. In: Forum 1 ‘Origins and Originality’. Edinburgh University. Online available.
  • Krause, Corinna (2005): Translating Gaelic Scotland. The culture of translation in the context of modern Scottish Gaelic Literature. Paper presented at the Fourth Mercator International Symposium on Minority Languages, Aberystwyth, 26–28 October.
  • Krause, Corinna (2008): Voicing the Minority: Self-translation and the Quest for the Voice in a Scottish Gaelic Context. In: Paschalis Nikolaou, Maria-Venetia Kyritsi, und Mona Baker (eds.): Translating Selves. Experience and Identity between languages. London: Continuum, pp. 125–140.

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