Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bibliography on self-translation

As you may have noticed the website with the bibliography is currently down. It will be back with an updated version of the bibliography next month. I will post as soon as it is available again. If you need it before, leave a comment and I will send you the last version via mail.


Sarah sarahcatao@gmail.com said...

Hello, Eva. I'm Sarah, Master Degree student from Brazil. I'm researching on self-translation as well, about a Brazilian author called Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro. I'm very happy to have found your blog.

Eva Gentes said...

Hello Sarah, thank you. One of our students is also writing her master thesis on Ribeiro. Maybe I can get you two in touch. Might be interesting. All the best for your work.

Tom said...

Hello Eva. I just discovered your wonderful blog on self-translation which is quite interesting for me. I'm working as a postdoctoral researcher on Latin-vernacular bilingualism in the seventeenth-century Low Countries and currently working on a paper concerning a double self-translation: one from Latin into Dutch and one (which is an imitation of that poem) from Latin into German. I have already published a little article on part of that issue as Tom Deneire, ‘Heinsius vertaalt Heinsius. De zelfvertaling van zijn 'Ad suavissimam puellam' (1613-1616)’, Filter: Tijdschrift voor Vertalen en Vertaalwetenschap, 18/4 (2011), 30-37. Perhaps you can add it to your bibliography. Speaking of which, I would be very interested to see a version of it. Unfortunately it's offline at the moment. Also, could you perhaps sends me some general information about your PhD (title, provisional time frame of your project, etc.). I want to refer to your research in one of my footnotes and apart from mentioning your website www.autotraduzione.com, it would be interesting, I think, to offer some information on the scope of your research. Thanks so much, Tom.

Eva Gentes said...

Dear Tom,
thank you for your comment. I will send you the bibliography to your university mail address. The bibliography is a work-in-progress started by
Julio-César Santoyo and at the occasion of a conference on self-translation in Pescara in 2010,
he allowed the organizers to upload the latest version thus everyone could contribute to it.
Currently they are having some issues with their provider, but I hope that this will
be resolved soon. I will forward them the reference for your article. Best wishes for your research, Eva