Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cfp: Asymptote special issue on playwrights and self-translation

Asymptote is a new international journal dedicated to literary translation and they are planning a special issue on playwrights and self-translation. Here is their very promising call for papers:

"For our first special feature in the July 2013 issue, we invite submissions of drama by playwrights who translate their own work from their native language into another language and/or who co-translate their own work from their native language into another language and vice versa, as well as writings on the subject of theatrical translation from the perspective of ex-patriation, re-located citizenship or multiple citizenships. How does an author translate herself? What are the processes of creating multiple versions of the same text? If the author is translating themselves, what insights are there into the process of creating drama - which is already a process that involves multiple layers of translation of cultural practice, theatrical methodologies, and negotiation with potential audience and readership reception - via the authorial site of origin, however contested it may be (i.e. can origin be located?) Deadline: 1 Jun 2013"

Click here to visit their website or their facebook page.

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