Saturday, April 2, 2016

Update Bibliography on self-translation

The bibliography on self-translation has been updated.
To download the pdf-file please click here.

If you have any suggestions for further entries, please leave a comment.

The next update is scheduled for 1st of July.

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Rebecca Dehner-Armand Eshkiki said...

I would like to suggest adding my Masters theses to the bibliography:
Dehner-Armand Eshkiki, Rebecca. "Translation or Re-Creation: The Masochistic Self-Translator and the Search for the Third Tongue." Columbia U, 2014. Print.

Dehner-Armand Eshkiki, Rebecca. "A Voice within une Voix: Self-Translation, Historical Memory and the Surfictional Approach in Raymond Federman’s The Voice in the Closet/ La Voix dans le Cabinet de Débarras." UNIVERSITÉ DE VALENCIENNES ET DU HAINAUT-CAMBRÉSIS, 2015. Print.