Sunday, December 11, 2011

New collection of essays on self-translation

At the conference on self-translation in Perpigan Xosé Manuel Dasilva and Helena Tanqueiro presented a new collection of essays on self-translation, Aproximaciones a la autotraducción, which they both have edited. The book includes contributions among many others by Maria Alice Antunes, Rainier Grutman. Patricia López López-Gay, Valentina Mercuri, Francesc Parcerisas and Julió-César Santoyo. All articles are written in Spanish. To see the list of articles published in the book, please click here.
I especially look forward to read the article on basque self-translation by Elizabete Manterola Agirrezabalaga, who talked about Atxaga's self-translation at the conference in Perpignan. Due to parallel sessions I couldn't attend her talk, so I am looking forward to at least read about her research.

Xosé Manuel Dasilva  y  Helena Tanqueiro (eds.): Aproximaciones a la autotraducción 2011, 262 pp. / 49,00 € ISBN 978-84-15175-18-6a

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NK said...

Thank you for the information!
I’ve just got the book, and the article by Elizabete Manterola was very interesting. The invisibility of self-translators or so many contradictory data on (self-) translators, translations between the dialects, collaborations between the author and his translator, etc. I must read other articles on her research.