Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Self-Translation Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture

The new year starts with the publication of several new titles on self-translation. One certainly worth reading is the first collection with articles in English on self-translation edited by Anthony Cordingley.
The volume with the title Self-Translation Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture covers a great variety of topics: Self-translation and Literary History, Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Sociology, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, Post-colonial Perspectives & Cosmopolitan Identities/Texts.
While many contributors and their ideas are already well known in the research of self-translation, one contribution sounds especially interesting to me:  "Indigenization and Opacity: Self-translation in the Okinawan/Ryukyuan writings of Takara Ben and Medoruma Shun" by Mark Gibeau, as I am always curious to learn about new self-translators and the conditions under which they write and translate.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Notes on Contributors 
  • Introduction Anthony Cordingley 
  • Part I. Self-translation and Literary History 
    • 1. The Self-Translator as Rewriter Susan Bassnett 
    • 2. On Mirrors, Dynamics & Self-Translations J.C. Santoyo 
    • 3. History and self-translation Jan Hokenson 
  • Part II. Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Sociology, Psychoanalysis, Philosophy 
    • 4. A Sociological Glance at Self-Translation and Self-Translators Rainier Grutman 
    • 5. The Passion of Self-Translation: A Masocritical Perspective Anthony Cordingley 
    • 6. Translating Philosophy: Vilém Flusser's Practice of Multiple Self-Translation Rainer Guldin
  • Part III.Post-colonial Perspectives 
    • 7. Translated otherness, self-translated in-betweenness: Hybridity as medium versus hybridity as object in Anglophone African writing Susanne Klinger 
    • 8.'Why bother with the original?': Self-translation and Scottish Gaelic poetry Corinna Krause 
    • 9. Indigenization and Opacity: Self-translation in the Okinawan/Ryukyuan writings of Takara Ben and Medoruma Shun Mark Gibeau 
  • Part IV. Cosmopolitan Identities/Texts 
    • 10.Self-translation, Self-reflection, Self-derision: Samuel Beckett's Bilingual Humour Will Noonan 
    • 11. Writing in Translation: A New Self in a Second Language Elin-Maria Evangelista
    • 12.Between languages: metalinguistic elements in fiction and multilingual self-dialogue Aurelia Klimkiewicz 
  • Bibliography Index

Anthony Cordingley (ed.) (2013): Self-Translation Brokering Originality in Hybrid Culture. Bloomsbury.  216 pp. ISBN: 9781441142894

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