Saturday, June 21, 2014

3rd International Conference on Itineraries in Translation History

Self-translation was a topic at the 3rd International Conference on Itineraries in Translation History, which took place June 13-14, 2014 at the University of Tartu, Estonia. 

Janika Päll: The role of translation and self-translation in Early Modern society: the examples from Estonia and Livonia in the context of European learned practice 

The paper consists of three parts: at first it presents the main contexts and uses of translating in the publications from Tartu, Riga (and Tallinn) from the 17th century; secondly it turns its attention to one specific translation type, namely the phenomenon of self-translation (author’s own translation of his/her works) both regarding its contemporary roles and practices and the difference of this practice in early modern society. The third part consists of the discussion of some examples of poems, presented in two languages (Latin and Humanist Greek) by Martinus Herzog, Reinerus Brockmann and Martinus Henschelius (in comparison to European practice, e.g. by F.Virdungus), as well as a treatise on rhetoric by J.Witte and M.Heno, which appeared both in Tartu (in Latin) and Riga (in German). Finally some conclusions will be drawn on the general practice, firstly regarding the role of multi-language texts in society, as well as the reasons of occasional preference of translating the texts into ancient and not vernacular languages.

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