Monday, June 1, 2015

Conférence de l'Association canadienne de traductologie

Self-translation is a topic at the 28thAnnual Conference of the Canadian Association for Translation Studies La traduction littéraire et le Canada / Literary Translation and Canada / La traducción literaria y Canadá taking place at Ottawa University / Ontario –  June 1st to 3rd, 2015.

Monday, June 1st Session / Séance 2b
Panel: Self-translation   Chair: Patricia Godbout
Talks given by:

  • Sperti, Valeria: Nancy Huston, l’autotraduction et le Canada
  • Van Bolderen, Trish : Huston, we have a problem… (or What on earth is “Canadian self-translation” supposed to mean?)
  • Puccini, Paola : L’autotraduction responsable : recevoir l’autre en tant qu’autre

For more information on the conference and to download the full program, please click here.

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