Saturday, May 28, 2011

Franco Biondi

Franco Biondi, born in 1947 in Italy, immigrated to Germany in 1965 where he still lives. He started writing literature in Italian but now mostly writes in German. In 2005 he has published a self-translated bilingual edition of Italian-German poetry Giri e rigiri. The first part consists of poems originally written in Italian and translated by the author into German, whereas in the second part the poems were originally written in German and self-translated into Italian.

Click here to read an interview with Biondi (in German), in which he talks about his choice to write in German and the difficulties he had to face.
You can find more information on Biondi and also articles about his works (some written in English and Italian) on his homepage.

Nancy Huston in Romania

The centre culturel français de Cluj has invited Nancy Huston to Romania. She will read on 2nd June, 2011 at 10 a.m. at the University and at 5 p.m. at the centre culturel.
For more information click here

Monday, May 23, 2011

Updated version of bibliography online

An updated version of the bibliography on self-translation is now online.
Everyone is invited to contribute to the bibliography.

UPDATE: The website is currently down. It will be back online with an updated version of the bibliography in September 2012.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Atelier de traduction - special issue on self-translation

The special issue on self-translation of the Romanian journal Atelier de traduction n°7 (2007) is available online as a pdf-file. The dossier consists of 18 articles on self-translation covering a wide range of self-translators like Beckett, Semprún, Mavrodin, Nabokov, Istrati and Goldini.

De l’autotraducció en poesia

For those of you who can read Catalan:
On the blog Quaderns de Lavínia, Rosa Delor has written an article on self-translation in the case of Jordi Vintró's bilingual poetry collection Insuficiència mitral (Editorial Lumen, Barcelona, 1997, bilingual edition). Unfortunately I don't understand much of it, but what I found striking was that Jordi Vintró commented on the blog entry!
As far as I know this is the only time Vintró self-translated.
You can read a fragment of Insuficiència mitral in Catalan and Spanish here.

New blog on self-translation in India

Anil Pinto, who is researching on self-translation in India, recently started a blog on self-translation in India. The URL of his blog is really close to this one:
Those who wish to contribute to the blog are welcome to do so.

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Self-translation and migration

Self-translation and migration is the topic of the new issue (n°5) "L'autotraduzione nelle letterature migranti" of the journal Oltreoceano edited by Alessandra Ferraro (@Alessandra Ferraro: Molte grazie per la copia!!), which has just been presented by Prof. Grutman on Friday, 20 May at Udine, Italy.

The main language of the journal is Italian, but a few articles in English and Spanish are also included. As not much information is (yet) available online, I will give you an overview of the content of the journal:
The first section (6 articles) is on self-translators in Canada, namely Mario Duliani, Dôre Michelut, Gianna Patriarca, Marco Micone, Antonio D'Alfonso and Nancy Huston.
The second part consists of three articles on self-translators in Latin America like Carlo Coccioli, whereas in the third section self-translation in Italy is being discussed in one article.
The last article gives additional biobibliographical information on the self-translators which have been quoted in the previous articles.

Silvana Serafin: Editorale (p.7)
Alessandra Ferraro: Migrare e riscriversi (p.9)
Fabiana Fusco: Le 'migrazioni linguistiche' e l'autotraduzione di Mario Duliani (p.15)
Deborah Saidero: Self-Translation as Transcultural Re-Inscription of Identity in Dôre Michelut and Gianna Patriarca (p. 31)
Paola Puccini: Origine e originale. Esperienza di migrazione e di autotraduzione a confronto nell'opera di Marco Micone (p.41)
Alessandra Ferraro: Tradursi: In Italics/ En Italiques di Antonio d'Alfonso (p.55)
Anna Lapetina: L'unicità dissimile. Il carattere musicale dell'autotraduzione in Plainsong / Cantiques des Plaines di Nancy Huston (p.67)
Valeria Sperti: Lo scarto linguistico in Lignes de faille di Nancy Huston (p.81)
America Latina
Sagrario del Río Zamudio: Breve análisis sobre la autotraducción en América Latina (p.91)
Irina Bajini: Messicani per scelta o ispanografi per vocazione? Il caso di Carlo Coccioli, Fabio Morabito, Francesca Gargallo e Marco Perilli (p.103)
Biagio D'Angelo: Confessioni di un italiano. Alcune osservazioni sull'autotraduzione (p.113)
Rita Wilson: Transplanted Subjects. Self-translation Processes in Translingual Narratives (p.125)

Andrea Schincariol: Cenni biobibliografici sugli autori migranti citati (p.139)

Journal: Oltreoceano
Issue: n°5
Title: L'autotraduzione nelle letterature migranti
Editor: Alessandra Ferraro
Publication Date: 05/2011
ISSN: 1972-4527
20,00 Euro

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First day conference bologna

Today is the first day of the self-translation conference in Bologna.
I am really looking forward to it as the contributions are given in English today.

Here is the program for today:
14,00 Saluti delle autorità Apertura di Umberto ECO e Susan BASSNETT
15,30 Sessione 1: Approcci teorici all’autotraduzione Chair: Keir ELAM (Università di Bologna) Peeter TOROP (Università di Tartu) Conceptual Field of Self-Translation
Rainier GRUTMAN (Università di Ottawa) Beckett and Beyond: Self-Translation as a Global Phenomenon
16,30-17,00 Pausa
Anthony CORDINGLEY (Università di Paris VIII) The Passion of Self-Translation: a Masocritical Perspective
Laura SALMON (Università di Genova) The Self-Translation Process: an Epistemic Cognitive Approach
Paolo LEONARDI (Università di Bologna) The Indeterminacy of Translation Starts at Home

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Conference "Traduction et francophonie"

Self-translation will be a topic on the conference "Traduction et francophonie" which will take place from 16 -17 May 2011 in Suceava, Romania:

Anca CHETRARIU (Université « Ştefan cel Mare », Suceava):
L’autotraduction – une réécriture ? Le cas d’Irina Mavrodin

To learn more about Irina Mavrodin, I recommend to read an interview she has given Muguras Constantinescu and which has been published in Quaderns, n° 16 (2009) p. 165-16.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Alexakis book presentation in Lyon, France

Vassilis Alexakis will present his new book Le premier mot on Saturday, 21st May at 4pm at the FNAC in Lyon, France.

Monday, May 9, 2011

lecture "A sociological look at self-translation (in and outside of Canada)"

Prof Grutman will give a talk on "A sociological look at self-translation (in and outside of Canada)" at the University Graz on Monday, 23 May at 7pm, ITAT, ÜR. 1.102.

For more information click here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Conference on self-translation in Bologna

I am really looking forward to the conference on self-translation "Autotraduzione. Testi e Contesti" in Bologna, Italy from 17- 19 May.
For more information visit their homepage! No conference fee!
The conference will be opened by Umberto Eco and Susan Bassnett.
Speakers include R. Grutman, H. Tanqueiro, X. M. Dasilva, P. Puccini and many more.
Topics include the following self-translators: Federman, Nabokov, Dorfman, Klüger, Micone, Huston, D'Alfonso, Gary and many more.
Link to the conference programm.
Link to the conference abstracts.