Monday, May 20, 2013

Orbis Litterarum Special issue on self-translation

The June issue of Orbis litterarum focuses on self-translation. The long awaited volume has been edited by Michael Boyden and Liesbeth De Bleeker and includes the following contributions:

  • Rainier Grutman: Beckett and Beyond Putting Self-Translation in Perspective (pages 188–206)
  • Steven G. Kellman: Writing South and North Ariel Dorfman's Linguistic Ambidexterity (pages 207–221)
  • Michael Boyden and Lieve Jooken: A Privileged Voice? J. Hector St. John de Crèvecœur's “History of Andrew, the Hebridean” in French and Dutch Translation (pages 222–250) 
  • Désirée Schyns: L’étranger intimement connu. L'autotraduction et la traduction par un tiers de Plainsong–Cantique des plaines de Nancy Huston (pages 251–265) 
  • Eva Gentes: Potentials and Pitfalls of Publishing Self-Translations as Bilingual Editions (pages 266–281)
The articles are preceded by a panoramic introduction by Michael Boyden and Liesbeth De Bleeker highlightning the main ideas of each article. The volume closes with a rejoinder by Susan Bassnett.

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rey said...

Great post.There is a lot to be said for community translations, especially in areas where companies do not deem it necessary to localize for other markets (such as fansubs of Japanese anime etc.) or there simply isn't a company behind a product (open source software anyone?). But if you are running a business and trying to make the most out of the opportunities presnted by globalization, using professional translation services is the only way to go.
Luckily, I can't see machines taking over the jobs of human translators in the near future, as they have done with so many other professions (remember telephone operators?)