Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Conference: Vassilis Alexakis et les langues

The conference "Vassilis Alexakis et les langues" will take place from 26-27.09.2013 in Amiens, France. Vassilis Alexakis will also be present. There will be at least two talks about his self-translations on Thursday:
  • 15h00  Ina Berger: "Auto-traduction ou la métamorphose perpétuelle de l’original chez Vassilis Alexakis- Défi pour la traduction allographe" 
  • 15h30 Maria Recuenco Penalver: "Depuis Les Girls du City Boum-Boum jusqu’au Premier Mot: A propos de l’évolution de l’auto-traduction alexakienne"
To see the full program, please click here.

And since this is after all a personal blog: 
Girls, I wish time and money would allow me to be with you at the conference. I know you two will do great! Tons of luck and tell me all about it!

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